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Construction Management

Our professional Construction Management (CM) Services are applied to a construction program from project inception to completion with the purpose of controlling time, cost and quality.

Early involvement in the project puts our knowledge and experience to work, creating the greatest impact and the most value for our clients by defining and establishing the program requirements from the outset.

Pre-Construction Phase





Post- Construction

Trogon's CM Services span across all phases of the construction process maintaining a focus on achieving specific goals for each phase with a commitment to fulfilling the client's requirements:

Pre-Design Phase
We assist our clients to define the project and assemble and organize a project team
whose skill level is consistent with the project, adding value early in the development process.

Design Phase
We undertake the management and coordination of all design phase activities to produce a set of documents that can be bid within the client's established budget, performance and time requirements.

Procurement Phase
We analyze and determine the correct contract strategy with the client's and project needs.  We develop a procurement plan to maximize our client's position, securing bidders for each bid package who are qualified, competitive and have the best chance of success within the project requirements.

Construction Phase
Expedite and improve the efficiency of the construction process through planning, monitoring and execution of project activities, all focused upon fulfilling the scope, cost, quality and time requirements.

Post-Construction Phase
Expeditious and effective project closeout and activation, preparing and transmitting documents connected with final payment, organizing operation and maintenance manuals, assembling record drawings, contractor follow up through move-in and start-up.

Other ways we support our clients:

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