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Cost Estimating

The accuracy of the information, with which "Go/No Go" business decisions are predicated upon, will ultimately define a project's justification and level of success.  For that reason, it is our view that the cost estimate is a key element of a well conceived, managed, and completed project.

Depending on the level of project definition, we support our clients with cost estimating capabilities at different decision points throughout the project life cycle:

Concept Estimates
Useful for any number of strategic business planning purposes.  Without the benefit of detailed scope definition, documents ranging between 0% and 15% of full project definition, we can arrive at an approximate probable cost for different project types.

Budget Estimates
Feasibility estimate are used for establishing budgets or construction forecasting. A higher order estimate requiring documents between 10% to 40% of full project scope definition. 

Definitive Estimates
Used as the final control baseline against which vendor bids and all actual costs and resources are monitored against budget.   This estimate is prepared from documents at a level of between 50% to 100% of full project definition.

Other ways we support our clients:

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