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Planning and Scheduling

One of the least-defined, intangible and time-consuming processes of any project is the planning phase.  Our goal is to influence the decision process by assisting our clients in defining the individual operations that must be performed to carry out the project.  In turn, give our clients the best chance to successfully achieve their project and business objectives.

We create a comprehensive flexible plan to respond through each phase in a fluid project environment by collaborating with our client's project stakeholders.  It is our fundamental belief, that an accurately developed plan and maintained schedule will enhance project control and contribute to a positive outcome.

Strong effective planning is the primary component for project success. This is an ongoing effort throughout the life of the project which must be in balance with it's scope. We can support our clients with:

Constructability Analysis
Through an ongoing evaluation process, we ensure that the clarity, consistency and completeness of the contract documents will optimize the design, procurement and field operations to achieve the overall project objectives, focusing on:

  • Ease of project execution
  • Reducing construction time
  • Reducing resource requirements
  • Optimizing equipment usage and reducing cost

Risk Management
Following a systematic process of identifying, analyzing and responding to project unknowns, our objective is to maximize positive results, while minimizing the probability and consequences of adverse events.   We accomplish this by:

  • Focusing on identifying potential project risk that would impact the  objectives of scope, time, cost and quality
  • Quantifying and calculating the impact of each risk factor
  • Developing a project execution and contracting strategy to mitigate potential project risk

An extension of planning, scheduling is crucial to completing the project on time and within budget.  Our emphasis is on controlling resources accurately, arriving at schedule projections and providing early warning of potential problems. 

We work with clients in a number of ways depending on their project, reporting and scheduling needs to meet specific criteria. We can assist our clients with Critical Path Method (CPM) Scheduling in two ways:

Third Party CPM Scheduling
Encouraging a workshop environment with project participants, we comprehensively plan and monitor the project through each phase of construction:

  • Develop, monitor and administer a master schedule.
  • Identify and resolve conflicts through team cooperation, maintaining the integrity of the overall project goals
  • Assessment providing accurate projections based on client feedback
  • Analyze effect of incidents, addressing potential impacts on each phase, trade and work activity

CPM Schedule Review
We provide constructive objective analysis and commentary:

  • Critical path sequencing, material allocation, resource distribution
  • Cash flow requirements
  • Conduct monthly progress reviews to assess potential problem areas
  • Recommend possible corrective action for consideration

Other ways we support our clients:

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