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Value Management

A primary objective is to achieve the maximum value for every expenditure.  We assist our clients to establish focus and orientation on each project.  

Value management encompasses two practices: Value Engineering and Value Analysis, both cost control techniques which utilize systematic and functional analysis.  All in an effort to determine how best to achieve the necessary function, performance and reliability at the minimum life cycle cost. 

By leveraging the collective expertise and advise from the entire project team, we embark on a mission to achieve results through the examination of relevant systems and items that leads to the evolvement of a decision according to the value needs established by the client. 

Our services include:

Value Engineering
A proactive approach targeted at the design itself. The objective being to develop or design a facility that yield the least life cycle costs or provide the greatest value.

Value Analysis
An approach, applying value engineering methodology to the review of a partially complete design or existing facility to determine if it could be improved to better meet cost or other objectives.

Other ways we support our clients:

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