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Riverview On The Park Condominium
Edgewater, New Jersey
River View on The Park Front Elevation
Within the rectangular modular building design, the apartment units are divided into five connected towers of eight units.  Each tower with its own elevator, serving two apartments on each floor. 
Project Characteristics: 40 units
4 stories and ground floor
70,000 sf total
Indoor swimming pool
Exercise facility
Community room
71 parking spaces
Project Type: Residential apartments
Building Description: Structural steel support framing
Prefabricated structural metal stud wall framing
Precast concrete deck and metal joist system
EFIS exterior wall finish
Single-ply EPDM system and slate mansard roof
Scope of Work:  General construction
Value: US $8,4000,000

The narrow rectangular site, located between a main road and the base of a rock cliff created a unique challenge.  Site preparation was extensive due to the presence of rock at shallow elevations.  In addition, the site development plan called for cutting into the cliff and constructing a concrete retaining wall at the base creating the necessary site surface area to accommodate the building and parking requirements.

The spoils generated from the excavation where used for site backfill and raising the site to the required elevations.  Some of the excavated rock was used to build the stone retaining wall along the front of the property.

The shape of the site and position of the building presented several challenges for the construction team:

  • Reduced accessibility
  • Limited hoisting equipment reach
  • Lack of material staging and storage areas, and
  • Tight coordination, sequencing and scheduling of work

The prefabricated stud and precast concrete deck system offered a solution to the material staging and accessibility problems.  By coordinating the plant fabrication with the sequence of field installation, material was delivered just-in-time for erection reducing the need for on-site storage. 

A thorough evaluation of project conditions and the impact they had on different phases of the project, were essential to selecting the most beneficial approach to execute the work.

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