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Yelmo Cineplex Los Prados
Oviedo, Spain

Cinema lobby and concession stand

Auditorium entrance foyer

Stadium seating auditorium

Located on the top floor of a regional shopping center in the Asturias region in northern Spain, the cinema was designed to fit within an existing shell, not originally intended to include a cinema.  Similar projects were developed in  Alicante, Gijon, Madrid, Malaga, Tenerife, Vitoria and other markets throughout Spain.

The Los Prados Cinema anchors the entertainment and leisure activities in the commercial center. 

Cinema Characteristics: 14 screens
2,680 seats

5,240 sm
Cinema on one (1) level
Project Type: Commercial regional shopping center
Building Description: Multi level, steel structure and concrete slab.
Barrel roof structure.
Pre-finished metal exterior.
Single-ply membrane roof
Project Scope of Work: 


Developer delivering all core and shell and common area construction, except stadium seating and projection mezzanine structure, interior fit-out and tenant FF&E equipment.
Value: € 9,600,000

An important part of Yelmo Cineplex's (YCPX) overall development strategy in Spain, the Los Prados project offered an attractive business opportunity in the market. This warranted a closer look at the feasibility of the project which revealed several issues that challenged the technical team:

  • Existing structural system's ability to support the additional stadium framing loads
  • Excessive building height and acoustical integrity within the cinema space
  • Construction difficulties due to a third floor location within an enclosed building, and
  • Develop a prototype design guideline, scope of work document and preliminary conceptual cost estimate.

In addition, the goal was to develop a prototype design that would set the standard for new development opportunities throughout Spain.  To develop YCPX's prototype image, a collaboration of the interior design architect and contractor, Produccion y Diseno, technical architect AQ Arquitectos and with input from MJM Architects in Canada was assembled.   The result created a sophisticated image that captured YCPX's mission to provide a world class entertainment experience.

To deal with the structural issues, a combination of light structural steel framing and lightweight concrete fill system was selected.  The lightweight solution also addressed several   constructability issues one of which facilitated hoisting and erection of steel members in a confined space.

The creation of a design guideline document for a typical cinema, highlighted negative characteristics of the space that influenced the project estimate.  The impact of unnecessary building height created among other things:

  • Higher dividing partitions between auditoriums
  • Construction of an acoustically isolated drywall plenum above the suspended ceiling
  • Increase in ductwork runs and HVAC equipment requirements

To develop a preliminary cost estimate,  historical cost data was collected from previous projects.  The cost information was analyzed and organized into a database that could be used to model future projects at a conceptual level.  Factors affecting the cost estimate, complexity, location and productivity were factored in to the cost model to arrive at a more realistic estimate.

Early involvement and contribution by the technical team, ensured proper capital investment evaluation.  Justification and success of proposed projects benefit from a commitment to a structured project and construction management process that translates into a competitive business advantage in the long run.

Other projects:

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Cinema Owner/Operator:
Yelmo Cineplex
Madrid, Spain

Cinema Architect/Engineer:
AQ Architectos
Oviedo, Spain

Cinema Interior Design/Contractor:
Produccin y Diseo
Gijn, Spain

Cinema Brand Consultant:
MJM Architects
Toronto, Ontario Canada

Project Management:
YCPX Technical Staff 














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